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A jumbled recap
dream catcher
So it's been one and a half weeks since I totally ruined my workout streak. Then I jumped back in 4 days after that. Then skipped a day and then went back at it. Then my youngest got sick and everything got thrown out the window. So much for the 100 Day Challenge. To be honest though (and totally not making excuses), I don't think working out every single day was going to do me any good. Especially since I am completely new to yoga, so every session would be challenging. And the running would definitely be a challenge, I mean, when is it not, you know? So, with constant working out and no rest time. My body was going to kill over. In fact, reading back on my last three days, I could totally see that my body was not liking the excessive. But I do need to get back to a good routine when it comes to my fitness. I've already jumped up 3 more pounds. How does this happen?? So now I am 3 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and I am not going back to that! I'm just starting to find it difficult to find time to jump onto the treadmill and run. With the kiddos around I can't just jump on any old time because they could get hurt if they get near or decide to jump on for some crazy reason. So, I think the only way of doing it is waking up really early and running, BUT my youngest is still co-sleeping with me, so if I jump on in the morning I'm afraid the noise will wake him up. I don't know. Maybe I should give it a shot, at least, eh? Or I could finally buckle down and start transitioning him into his crib.

Ugh, so I've been super tired lately. I think I am really stretching myself thin. I feel like every single day I have something I need to do, or go. It's just constant appointments and phone calls, and errands, and chores, and parties, and play dates, and ugh! Just too much! I really want to slow down and enjoy the moment. I want to enjoy these last few months I have with my oldest before he starts school. I want him to feel special.... I gotta do that, by separating myself a little more from my youngest. He's just so demanding it's hard not to put him first. I miss my oldest. I miss it when it was just him and me. Together. A team. My lovely darling. I miss him. We really need a mommy/son day. Oh, by the way, since my youngest was sick with an ear infection, now I'm starting to think I may be getting an ear infection too. I sure hope not, but it's starting to hurt a little :( Ugh! Mind over matter, mind over matter, I can beat it that way, right?

Tomorrow is my Mardi Gras Party, then Wednesday we're touring my oldest's new school, then Thursday we have a Valentine's Day Party and then out to eat, then Friday more speech to make up our missed days from last week, then a baby shower on Saturday. Sunday. Sunday I get to relax I sure fucking hope. So much to do... it's fucking ridiculous. I have absolutely no idea what those other moms do with themselves who have none of these kinds of things to do! No wonder they go to the park all day. Staying at home all day with nothing... I'd go stir crazy. I already do on my relaxation days, and not so much stir crazy as me feeling really guilty for not having to do anything that day. Okay, it's late, I'm going to bed. Ciao!


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