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Daily Workout Log: Week 1
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Day 1: Yoga (cardio focus); 30 min- *excerpt taken from post* Yoga freaking kicked my butt! I've always liked plank position while working out. It's easy, yet a little tough, but easy nonetheless. Wrong. It's fucking hard. Especially when you're in plank position for a full 30 minutes, practically. My palms were getting rug burn, my arms were so weak I didn't even have enough strength to do one pushup so I couldn't do the cobra pose correctly. I so need a yoga mat, like now. So it was hard. Hard is an understatement, it was damn well difficult.

Day 2: Yoga (ab strengthener); 20 min- Again the hardest part of this workout was staying up on my arms in plank position. Given, there were difficult times doing the ab workouts on my back where one leg is hovering above the ground while the other comes down. At that point, both legs plummeted to the floor. So I had to compromise and not lower my legs as much, or a lot much. I know over time, my flexibility and strength will improve and I will be able to overcome these current obstacles. 20 minutes passed by too fast. Looking forward to another session tomorrow.

Day 3: Yoga (cardio focus); 30 min- Okay, so this is the same routine as Day 1. Not too bad this time. I already notice that I'm lasting longer on my arms and in the plank position, it's the downward dog that I'm starting to find challenging. I need more practice on that one. Other than that. I felt more fluid in my poses (asanas?). I feel good. Definitely feeling yesterday's workout. 3 days on, I'm on a roll! Let's keep it moving!

Day 4: 30 min. Run- I ran for the first time in 5 or 6 weeks. It wasn't that bad. I got a little warm faster but I seemed to be able to handle the endurance. My speed sucks but at least I've kept the endurance. I wasn't much for speed in the first place. So the treadmill was okay. the key kept falling off, so my machine would turn off and id lose my progress, so I'm not sure of my distance or average speed and im rounding out that I ran for 30 minutes. Then at one point the machine just croaked. I'm hoping it's because I was pushing too many buttons, and not because it's going to die. We'll see. Overall, not upset about the run.

Day 5: 3 mile run (33:58)- Worked up a sweat, and my hips and lower back hurt. I may be pushing myself a bit hard too soon. I think I'll take a day off and do a little walk/run on Tuesday and then another full run on Wednesday.

Day 6: Yoga (upper body toner); 23 min- Not sure if I'm sore from running or a little off from not doing yoga in the past few days, but this was just plain rough. Fell a few times, but I got right back up. I have to say, with all the running, and work outs that I've done, I've never felt stronger (both mentally and physically) as I do when I'm doing yoga. Now, I'm not saying I'm this buff strong gal that can hold up a proper pose, because I'm anything but. But, when I fall from a pose, and I hear myself telling my body to get it's ass back up into pose and try and try again, I can't help but feel my "will" getting stronger with each and every session. It's quite invigorating. Side note, my spine hurts. I'm all kinked out; hopefully yoga can straighten me back up.

Day 7: Yoga (cardio focus); 30 min- Sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked. Even though this is the 3rd time I've done this damn workout this week, I seem to have failed miserably. Not sure if I'm not giving my body enough time to recover from previous sessions or what, but yeah. Feeling kind of pissed at myself. Which, I think, is supposed to be the opposite of what doing yoga is about. At least I can take a break and run tomorrow. *sigh* I don't even feel like running either. I just... don't feel like working out and eating well. I just need to stick to it until I can start seeing results again, then I'll be thinking differently. Maybe. Damn winter. I blame it on Winter for making me slack off. *sigh*


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