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I ran my first half marathon today!!!
dream catcher
Well, the title says it all :) We woke up at 2:00 in the morning. Got the kiddos dressed and got all of my things that I would need for the race. We headed out on the road at 2:30. It was an easy drive; about an hour and half. No traffic. My mum and dad met us there at the parking garage, which was pretty empty. We got all our things and headed to a nearby hotel, about 5 minutes away to wait in their lounge and take a bathroom break. By the time we headed back to our car for me to change into my running gear the parking garage was totally packed. I was so glad we left early. So I started off with wave 5, which consisted of people who had a projected time of 2:30-2:50. The first 5 miles was beautiful and great. I met quite a few friendly people and I stayed on pace. At around mile 7 1/2, which was when we hit the stretch of beach it got a little tough. It was pretty quiet. Not much talking at this point. No side attractions. Maybe 10 spectators total, and this is about a 3 mile stretch, mind you. So yeah, toward the end of the beach I was just dying to see that 10 mile marker and that turn around which signaled our last few miles. We finally got to the turnaround and heard some upbeat music some great motivation from some spectators and the 10 mile marker. From here it was getting a little tough, I was starting to slow down, just trying to focus on the imminent 11 mile marker. I finally saw it and this is where it got challenging. At this point I had passed the longest distance I've ever ran so everything from that point forward was a new distance for me. I tried to focus on that accomplishment but waiting for the 12 mile marker was agonizing. I was tired. My bladder was full (I took great advantage of the water stations). I was starting to think I would never finish this race, but whether I ran it or gave up I'd still have to get to the end, so obviously I kept running. When I got to about 12 1/2 miles I was close to sobbing. I was tired, I was proud of myself for achieving all that I've done so far, I was happy, and I had to fight hard to choke it all down and keep running. I started hearing the spectators giving us that last bit of hope when we reached 13 miles. Telling us the green rooftop is our goal, it's all down hill, once we turn the corner it's only 300 yards to our medal at the finish line. I fought hard to stay running. I haven't walked so much in one freaking mile before, it was insane. But I told myself once I hit that corner, no more walking. So we hit the corner, I saw the finish line and I booked it! Sprinted like freaking Superman. I had no idea I had so much energy in me. My legs were moving so fast I didn't think my body would keep up. I crossed the finish line with my arms in the air and a smile on my face, with a time of 02:45:15. The sense of achievement is like nothing else I've ever experienced. To have been able to set a goal and work bloody hard for it during my training and going on the ups and downs and the aches and pains and performing my best during the race, I just couldn't feel prouder of myself. 5 months ago I couldn't even tell you how many miles a 5k was. If anyone were to tell me, then, that I was going to finish a half marathon in just 5 months time. I wouldn't have believed it. It feels great. I feel great! Well, minus the hobbling and limping cause my legs are actually pretty messed up lol I will definitely be taking a long recovery period before starting my training for my next 1/2 in January. That's right I'm going to go through this all over again in just 3 months time :) But before that I have the Color Run in November :) That one should be lots of fun, and definitely chill.


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