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All over the place, really
My nephew Andrew Nathan was born today. He's a cutie. Dare I say a little better looking then his older sister ;) I'm glad my SIL was able to keep him in for a few more weeks so he could grow. And grow he did! For being three weeks early he's got a good weight on him: 7lbs 3 oz and 19.5 in long. That's absolutely perfect. I think I'm a sucker for the baby boys. I just love my own two little boys so much I tend to favor their gender a little more over other babes lol So now we definitely have to make a plan to go down and visit the new arrival :) Ah, to hold a brand new babe without experiencing the aches and pains of child birth lol speaking of pains, my SIL, bless her soul, types on Facebook how bad contractions hurt.... Honey, how about you start telling me how bad they hurt after being induced with pitocin and with no pain medication in sight, then you can tell me how much they hurt. Can't possibly be too bad if you can still play on your iPhone and update Facebook lol
Um, oh and I made butterbeer cupcakes today. They're yummy :) can't wait to show off at the bake off tomorrow. Maybe this time I'll win. I'm still 0 for 3 right now. :p

I ran my 4 miles today. It wasn't fun. But I did beat last week's 4 miler by 2 minutes. So at least I'm improving even though I'm not enjoying it. I think the only thing that keeps me excited is my long run. I'm going 8 miles this Saturday. I'm looking forward to testing out my new fueling routine. I bought a clif bar for before my run and some Gu for during, IF I need it. Then next week I might switch it up by hydrating with Gatorade during my runs IF I don't need the Gu. Geez a fuel belt would just be so much easier. Hm just not sure if it would be uncomfortable to run in or not. And I need to scrounge up some money to get one. If surf city sells out before December I won't be able to do the beach cities challenge :( lame. Oh well.

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Thank you! But I've been an Aunty for a while now :) I already have 3 nieces and now I have 7 nephews! lol

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