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Just real fast before I have breakfast I wanted to mention my run this morning. I got together with the ladies (and a few guys) again this morning. We set off for 6 miles. I've been dreading this 6 mile run since the night before. My stomach was empty so had annoying sloshing sounds for the first 3 miles :/ then we get to the turn around point and one of the ladies asks if I want to run to th end of the trail with her which is only 1/2 mile more. So I said sure. Yeah sure what's a measly 1/2. I had totally forgotten, yeah, you gotta turn around so that 1/2 is actually another mile *eep* but we made it and we ran it in decent pace, an average pace for myself. Almost 800 calories burned. Can someone say "cookies"? Lol nah, I am so craving a banana, toast, and egg omelette. So with no further ado, I shall leave you. Ciao!

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