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Catching up
So I guess I haven't been on for the last couple of weeks. Nothing much has happened. Still trying to wean the youngest, but he's been sick a lot lately. Had an ear infection, then we found out he was allergic to his antibiotics so they took him off. Another week or two later he's getting fevers again and his ear infection is back at full force. So now he's on different antibiotics and luckily no rashes have shown up yet so I think we're in the clear. So for now, I'm just waiting for him to get better.

I still haven't talked to the hubby. I have no idea where he is or when I'll get to talk to him again. It's getting kind of depressing. I still have a care package to send him but haven't figured out what else I can stuff it with to fill the damn thing up, without spending a fortune.

My garden is doing well. I've got lots of sprouts coming up now. I have sprouts from my green onions, cilantro, and lettuce. My broccoli sprouts indoors were doing really good until the biodegradable casings I have them in stated sprouting mold. So I had to transplant them into new containers. Now it looks like 2 of my 4 sprouts are starting to wilt. Makes me a little sad. They were like my little babies. I was so proud of them. Oh well, only time will tell if they'll survive. They gotta grow a few more inches on them before I transfer them to an outside container, then things will be a bit easier on me.

With inspo from my garden I've been trying to eat better. But it seems I'm eating better, but eating a lot of the better, which is just as bad as not eating better. So my weight loss is backtracking. But my running is keeping steady. I'm managing to run 4 times a week on time, and at the scheduled distances. So that's really good. I even managed to do some hill training today. Super hard, but I gotta get used to it, cause my half has a lot of rolling hills and a giant hill toward the end. Did I mention already that I signed up for another half marathon? If I haven't, I've registered for The Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon on May 11th. It'll be a nice weekend. We'll head up on my bday for packet pick-up then the next day I'll race and then enjoy wine country. My mum will be coming along so that will be a nice get away for us. The day after the race is Mother's Day, so this will be a birthday and mother's day rolled into one.

Let's see... what else? My oldest and school: we're still waiting for them to announce who won the lottery draw. Even if we do get picked, I'm starting to think he may not be ready for school yet. With his autism and his sporadic break downs when he can't get something down perfectly is concerning. I'd like to know how a school would handle that kind of thing, as well as his peers. I would hate for him to be singled out as the weird kid nobody wants to play with. I might just homeschool him for this first year then see about him going to school in first grade. We shall see.

And that about tops it off, with what's been new. My mum is coming over tomorrow and hanging out with us for the weekend. So that should be nice.