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One more thing
head down on beach
I feel as if Izzy is getting worse when it comes to his behavior in Gymnastics. It's stressing me out hard core. I know it's just the Autism, and I know the instructors are working so hard with him. But I can't help but feel like they're wasting time on us. Like we're setting them back and interrupting the whole process. And that basically is what's happening. I got two more numbers from John today. One for an ABA Aid and another for a resources program that has a 6-month wait list. Called the resource program and got a voicemail. It said I should hear back in 48 hrs. We'll see. And the ABA Aid had a voicemail that was full. So all I can do is try to call back later when she is in. I forgot to ask the receptionist at Lucid whether the request for an extension to our insurance had gone through yet or not. I guess I can call now, or just wait until Wednesday or tomorrow. I'm tired. I'll wait till tomorrow. I still haven't heard back from the school district concerning our IEP date.

Lots of waiting.


Lots of stress.


Feeling meaningless, hopeless, pathetic, a waste of life.

Really looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. I have a feeling it ain't coming soon.