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My mind sounds like Daria at the moment...
black and white girl
So I'm starting a different plan this week. The other one is just not doing it for me. Um, so I missed my 5 miler yesterday cause of James, and I didnt run it today cause I wanted to sleep in. So, instead of continuing on to 5 miles tomorrow. I'm starting the week over. Yeah. So that makes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as easy 3 mile runs. Then a 5 miler on Saturday. But I think I will give myself an extra rest day since I prefer to run my long runs on Sundays, and I'm pretty sure I'll need the rest. So all I have to do is battle myself with the desire to sleep past 4:30, and the laziness and stress of having to wake up my boys and clothe them and get all of my mommy supplies together before we can get out of the door, into the van, into the stroller and running. Yeah. Easy. Right? Ugh.

It's not the running I hate that is killing my progression but everything that goes before it.
On another note, I have emptied our fridge and house of everything that is unhealthy. And by "emptied" I mean ingested. Go me....

Hoping me going back to a healthier diet will balance my body back out again. Lately my skin, hair, and complexion have just been all messed up.

Speaking of hair. I chopped mine off and made it brunette.
I am regretting this.
I miss my long blonde hair. Or perhaps I miss my hair when I was pregnant and full of extra pretty hormones that made me look stunning. I wish I could take a pregnancy pill without, you know, the pregnancy lol. I guess it's time to look into vitamins and supplements. Ugh.

One more thing I am trying to avoid like a mob of zombies: cleaning the house. I rather be chased by zombies. At least then I could get some running in.