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Some people just don't know....
... How good they have it. A friend of mine (a guy) was complaining about these next few days are going to be hell because he'll be working 13 hour days. Ha! Add a few more hours to that plus 20 hr training for 10-30 days once a month and that's my hubby's job. Please sit back down and stop crying. 'Cause you don't see us sniveling in our trousers.

On another note. We went to my mom's this weekend and brought back a whole bunch of junk food. Not helping me in the "eating better" department. Missed out ong solo 5 mile run today to spend a little more time with the hubby before he left for a 10 day training. So now I gotta push the boys for 5 miles tomorrow. That's going to be tough. Hoping I don't die.

As well as errands tomorrow I have to call up stuff about izzys ASD stuff. And I NEED to get my SS and DL stuff done as well get the boys' certificates.

I'm waiting for the day when there is nothing on my to-do or worry list. Or at least for the day when I stop stressing about it.

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