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Catching up
So I guess I haven't been on for the last couple of weeks. Nothing much has happened. Still trying to wean the youngest, but he's been sick a lot lately. Had an ear infection, then we found out he was allergic to his antibiotics so they took him off. Another week or two later he's getting fevers again and his ear infection is back at full force. So now he's on different antibiotics and luckily no rashes have shown up yet so I think we're in the clear. So for now, I'm just waiting for him to get better.

I still haven't talked to the hubby. I have no idea where he is or when I'll get to talk to him again. It's getting kind of depressing. I still have a care package to send him but haven't figured out what else I can stuff it with to fill the damn thing up, without spending a fortune.

My garden is doing well. I've got lots of sprouts coming up now. I have sprouts from my green onions, cilantro, and lettuce. My broccoli sprouts indoors were doing really good until the biodegradable casings I have them in stated sprouting mold. So I had to transplant them into new containers. Now it looks like 2 of my 4 sprouts are starting to wilt. Makes me a little sad. They were like my little babies. I was so proud of them. Oh well, only time will tell if they'll survive. They gotta grow a few more inches on them before I transfer them to an outside container, then things will be a bit easier on me.

With inspo from my garden I've been trying to eat better. But it seems I'm eating better, but eating a lot of the better, which is just as bad as not eating better. So my weight loss is backtracking. But my running is keeping steady. I'm managing to run 4 times a week on time, and at the scheduled distances. So that's really good. I even managed to do some hill training today. Super hard, but I gotta get used to it, cause my half has a lot of rolling hills and a giant hill toward the end. Did I mention already that I signed up for another half marathon? If I haven't, I've registered for The Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon on May 11th. It'll be a nice weekend. We'll head up on my bday for packet pick-up then the next day I'll race and then enjoy wine country. My mum will be coming along so that will be a nice get away for us. The day after the race is Mother's Day, so this will be a birthday and mother's day rolled into one.

Let's see... what else? My oldest and school: we're still waiting for them to announce who won the lottery draw. Even if we do get picked, I'm starting to think he may not be ready for school yet. With his autism and his sporadic break downs when he can't get something down perfectly is concerning. I'd like to know how a school would handle that kind of thing, as well as his peers. I would hate for him to be singled out as the weird kid nobody wants to play with. I might just homeschool him for this first year then see about him going to school in first grade. We shall see.

And that about tops it off, with what's been new. My mum is coming over tomorrow and hanging out with us for the weekend. So that should be nice.

Okay let's do this!!!
head down on beach
So yeah, let's do this. Enough slackin' off! So I think if I fight through the sleep deprivation and commit to keeping the youngest in his crib ALL night long, I will be able to wake up in the early morning to run, take a shower, protein up, water the garden, then get on with the rest of my day. Then, at the end of the day, start preparing dinner at 5, bathe the kids, let them play a bit, then give them a bedtime snack and medicine. Then off to brush their teeth and wash their face, and then off to bed for story time. Then, it's me time to watch my shows. After they're over, do some last minute yoga before bed and repeat. I think that's a great sounding routine. I pray that I can follow through on it.

A jumbled recap
dream catcher
So it's been one and a half weeks since I totally ruined my workout streak. Then I jumped back in 4 days after that. Then skipped a day and then went back at it. Then my youngest got sick and everything got thrown out the window. So much for the 100 Day Challenge. To be honest though (and totally not making excuses), I don't think working out every single day was going to do me any good. Especially since I am completely new to yoga, so every session would be challenging. And the running would definitely be a challenge, I mean, when is it not, you know? So, with constant working out and no rest time. My body was going to kill over. In fact, reading back on my last three days, I could totally see that my body was not liking the excessive. But I do need to get back to a good routine when it comes to my fitness. I've already jumped up 3 more pounds. How does this happen?? So now I am 3 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and I am not going back to that! I'm just starting to find it difficult to find time to jump onto the treadmill and run. With the kiddos around I can't just jump on any old time because they could get hurt if they get near or decide to jump on for some crazy reason. So, I think the only way of doing it is waking up really early and running, BUT my youngest is still co-sleeping with me, so if I jump on in the morning I'm afraid the noise will wake him up. I don't know. Maybe I should give it a shot, at least, eh? Or I could finally buckle down and start transitioning him into his crib.

Ugh, so I've been super tired lately. I think I am really stretching myself thin. I feel like every single day I have something I need to do, or go. It's just constant appointments and phone calls, and errands, and chores, and parties, and play dates, and ugh! Just too much! I really want to slow down and enjoy the moment. I want to enjoy these last few months I have with my oldest before he starts school. I want him to feel special.... I gotta do that, by separating myself a little more from my youngest. He's just so demanding it's hard not to put him first. I miss my oldest. I miss it when it was just him and me. Together. A team. My lovely darling. I miss him. We really need a mommy/son day. Oh, by the way, since my youngest was sick with an ear infection, now I'm starting to think I may be getting an ear infection too. I sure hope not, but it's starting to hurt a little :( Ugh! Mind over matter, mind over matter, I can beat it that way, right?

Tomorrow is my Mardi Gras Party, then Wednesday we're touring my oldest's new school, then Thursday we have a Valentine's Day Party and then out to eat, then Friday more speech to make up our missed days from last week, then a baby shower on Saturday. Sunday. Sunday I get to relax I sure fucking hope. So much to do... it's fucking ridiculous. I have absolutely no idea what those other moms do with themselves who have none of these kinds of things to do! No wonder they go to the park all day. Staying at home all day with nothing... I'd go stir crazy. I already do on my relaxation days, and not so much stir crazy as me feeling really guilty for not having to do anything that day. Okay, it's late, I'm going to bed. Ciao!

Daily Workout Log: Week 1
black and white girl
Day 1: Yoga (cardio focus); 30 min- *excerpt taken from post* Yoga freaking kicked my butt! I've always liked plank position while working out. It's easy, yet a little tough, but easy nonetheless. Wrong. It's fucking hard. Especially when you're in plank position for a full 30 minutes, practically. My palms were getting rug burn, my arms were so weak I didn't even have enough strength to do one pushup so I couldn't do the cobra pose correctly. I so need a yoga mat, like now. So it was hard. Hard is an understatement, it was damn well difficult.

Day 2: Yoga (ab strengthener); 20 min- Again the hardest part of this workout was staying up on my arms in plank position. Given, there were difficult times doing the ab workouts on my back where one leg is hovering above the ground while the other comes down. At that point, both legs plummeted to the floor. So I had to compromise and not lower my legs as much, or a lot much. I know over time, my flexibility and strength will improve and I will be able to overcome these current obstacles. 20 minutes passed by too fast. Looking forward to another session tomorrow.

Day 3: Yoga (cardio focus); 30 min- Okay, so this is the same routine as Day 1. Not too bad this time. I already notice that I'm lasting longer on my arms and in the plank position, it's the downward dog that I'm starting to find challenging. I need more practice on that one. Other than that. I felt more fluid in my poses (asanas?). I feel good. Definitely feeling yesterday's workout. 3 days on, I'm on a roll! Let's keep it moving!

Day 4: 30 min. Run- I ran for the first time in 5 or 6 weeks. It wasn't that bad. I got a little warm faster but I seemed to be able to handle the endurance. My speed sucks but at least I've kept the endurance. I wasn't much for speed in the first place. So the treadmill was okay. the key kept falling off, so my machine would turn off and id lose my progress, so I'm not sure of my distance or average speed and im rounding out that I ran for 30 minutes. Then at one point the machine just croaked. I'm hoping it's because I was pushing too many buttons, and not because it's going to die. We'll see. Overall, not upset about the run.

Day 5: 3 mile run (33:58)- Worked up a sweat, and my hips and lower back hurt. I may be pushing myself a bit hard too soon. I think I'll take a day off and do a little walk/run on Tuesday and then another full run on Wednesday.

Day 6: Yoga (upper body toner); 23 min- Not sure if I'm sore from running or a little off from not doing yoga in the past few days, but this was just plain rough. Fell a few times, but I got right back up. I have to say, with all the running, and work outs that I've done, I've never felt stronger (both mentally and physically) as I do when I'm doing yoga. Now, I'm not saying I'm this buff strong gal that can hold up a proper pose, because I'm anything but. But, when I fall from a pose, and I hear myself telling my body to get it's ass back up into pose and try and try again, I can't help but feel my "will" getting stronger with each and every session. It's quite invigorating. Side note, my spine hurts. I'm all kinked out; hopefully yoga can straighten me back up.

Day 7: Yoga (cardio focus); 30 min- Sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked. Even though this is the 3rd time I've done this damn workout this week, I seem to have failed miserably. Not sure if I'm not giving my body enough time to recover from previous sessions or what, but yeah. Feeling kind of pissed at myself. Which, I think, is supposed to be the opposite of what doing yoga is about. At least I can take a break and run tomorrow. *sigh* I don't even feel like running either. I just... don't feel like working out and eating well. I just need to stick to it until I can start seeing results again, then I'll be thinking differently. Maybe. Damn winter. I blame it on Winter for making me slack off. *sigh*

it's been a while...
sam and dean impala
...since I've written an entry in here. I'm not even sure when the last time was. But I imagine a lot has happened. Most recent of events have been:
-the hubby deployed
-brother is having another baby
-a friend may be moving away (depending on her hubby getting the job or not)
-my absolute re-addiction to Dr. Who. Watching the end of Season 2 at the moment (the one with David Tennant). So far so good, of course :)

And now my little one is yelling at me to help him get ready for bed lol Silly goose.

I ran my first half marathon today!!!
dream catcher
Well, the title says it all :) We woke up at 2:00 in the morning. Got the kiddos dressed and got all of my things that I would need for the race. We headed out on the road at 2:30. It was an easy drive; about an hour and half. No traffic. My mum and dad met us there at the parking garage, which was pretty empty. We got all our things and headed to a nearby hotel, about 5 minutes away to wait in their lounge and take a bathroom break. By the time we headed back to our car for me to change into my running gear the parking garage was totally packed. I was so glad we left early. So I started off with wave 5, which consisted of people who had a projected time of 2:30-2:50. The first 5 miles was beautiful and great. I met quite a few friendly people and I stayed on pace. At around mile 7 1/2, which was when we hit the stretch of beach it got a little tough. It was pretty quiet. Not much talking at this point. No side attractions. Maybe 10 spectators total, and this is about a 3 mile stretch, mind you. So yeah, toward the end of the beach I was just dying to see that 10 mile marker and that turn around which signaled our last few miles. We finally got to the turnaround and heard some upbeat music some great motivation from some spectators and the 10 mile marker. From here it was getting a little tough, I was starting to slow down, just trying to focus on the imminent 11 mile marker. I finally saw it and this is where it got challenging. At this point I had passed the longest distance I've ever ran so everything from that point forward was a new distance for me. I tried to focus on that accomplishment but waiting for the 12 mile marker was agonizing. I was tired. My bladder was full (I took great advantage of the water stations). I was starting to think I would never finish this race, but whether I ran it or gave up I'd still have to get to the end, so obviously I kept running. When I got to about 12 1/2 miles I was close to sobbing. I was tired, I was proud of myself for achieving all that I've done so far, I was happy, and I had to fight hard to choke it all down and keep running. I started hearing the spectators giving us that last bit of hope when we reached 13 miles. Telling us the green rooftop is our goal, it's all down hill, once we turn the corner it's only 300 yards to our medal at the finish line. I fought hard to stay running. I haven't walked so much in one freaking mile before, it was insane. But I told myself once I hit that corner, no more walking. So we hit the corner, I saw the finish line and I booked it! Sprinted like freaking Superman. I had no idea I had so much energy in me. My legs were moving so fast I didn't think my body would keep up. I crossed the finish line with my arms in the air and a smile on my face, with a time of 02:45:15. The sense of achievement is like nothing else I've ever experienced. To have been able to set a goal and work bloody hard for it during my training and going on the ups and downs and the aches and pains and performing my best during the race, I just couldn't feel prouder of myself. 5 months ago I couldn't even tell you how many miles a 5k was. If anyone were to tell me, then, that I was going to finish a half marathon in just 5 months time. I wouldn't have believed it. It feels great. I feel great! Well, minus the hobbling and limping cause my legs are actually pretty messed up lol I will definitely be taking a long recovery period before starting my training for my next 1/2 in January. That's right I'm going to go through this all over again in just 3 months time :) But before that I have the Color Run in November :) That one should be lots of fun, and definitely chill.

(no subject)
So quick recap since I hate typing entries from my phone and I don't see me getting access to my computer anytime soon :( so um yeah.... I ran 10 miles last Saturday and tested out some Gu chomps and my new mini camelbak. Loved everything about it. Loved the chomps. Loved the camelbak. Loved running 10 miles. Yes, I just said I LOVED running 10 miles hahahaha How awesome is that?! I'm still wrapping my mind around it. But now I face my dilemma. I have three more weeks before my half marathon. And I'm trying to et my last long run in there of 12 miles. But I'm going out of town this weekend and I have no clue when or where to run. I'm trying to find a running buddy out of town on Saturday but chances look slim, or a local running buddy on Sunday. Hopefully I get some takers on Sunday. Then next week I'll taper down to 6 then race my 1/2 the following weekend.

Other news.... My last post I was excited about something and thought it was great news turned out to be a fuckin fireball of bitches. So my moms group I go to with my kiddos where we have lots of play dates and hang out and what not was announcing the organizers were going to step down and were looking for others to take their place. I thought this was gret news cause the organizers are bitches and tyrannical so I thought yes, finally I don't have to deal with their shit. Well turns out this was a huge ruse to elect their bestie as organized so she could call me and my friend and basically lie to us telling us everybody hates us and has been reporting us as unfriendly and stuck up. Which is so not true. I am the sweetest person to everyone in that group. I always introduced myself and engaged with others. Basically what happened is the organizers felt threatened because my two friends and I were coming up with better meetups than them and more people were going to ours than theirs. And we were turning the group into a more family oriented group than the we like to go shoppig and clubbing in LA and going out for drinks every weekend kind of group. So they basically grabbed a few girls talked shit about us behind our backs and turned them on us. And made this huge scene of lies to kick us out. There's a lot of stuff that went into this whole thing but I don't want to go too much into it. But in the end they're immature scheming bitches and we left. So tomorrow my friends and I are starting our own group that is going to kick ass and be so much better. Okay I gotta go. I think that's everything.

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no time
I've been so lame with my morning runs this week. I switched my normal Monday run to Tuesday and slept in  and ran late on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I slept in late again today and didn't even run. So now I have to make it up tomorrow before Izzy's speech at 9. Yes, 9 in the morning. I am going to have to wake up fast, run real quick, shower, put on whatever I can find, and then leave. Ugh. And I finally realize my training isn't the greatest, well I guess I sort of knew I'm not in the best preparation for a 1/2 marathon. It'll get me across the finish and all, just not in any top time or anything. Which is fine since I have another 1/2 later anyway. Ugh. Im getting off track and the babe is up now so I cant even finish my entry but I will get back on later cause I have AWESOME news hahaha

I am feeling overwhelmed and really wishing I could extend 24 hours into an entire week.

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I'm the Doctor
pink girl
I won the bake-off yesterday :) So happy to finally win one hahaha

Also, I think I'm addicted to Doctor Who lol For a while now I've heard people talking about it on livejournal but never knew what they were talking about, cause I've never seen it come on tv or anything. Then one day I see a commercial for a new tv show called Copper (great show, by the way) on the BBC America channel. I never knew we had this channel lol So when watching Copper I see commericals for Doctor Who. The next day there's like a Doctor Who marathon going on. I watch one episode and I'm hooked. It's funny, it's weird, and it's just plain confusing. What's a Tardis? What's the deal with regenerating? Who's River Song and why did she just turn into a different person and did I just hear she's that other girl's daughter? But she looks older. And she doesnt remember who she is. And I think I just saw Hitler. In a closet lol Wow. Yeah, a very confusing episode to be my first one to watch lol But now I"m getting the jist of what's going on and I just have to watch more lol So I went ahead and got a month's free trial on Amazon to watch videos and what not, so now I can watch all the doctor who episodes for free :) I just wish I had more free time to watch.

Ooh I should make a mug of butterbeer and have a little doctor who marathon today since Im doing nothing today anyway lol All I have to do now is find a decent recipe for butterbeer lol