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it's been a while...
sam and dean impala
...since I've written an entry in here. I'm not even sure when the last time was. But I imagine a lot has happened. Most recent of events have been:
-the hubby deployed
-brother is having another baby
-a friend may be moving away (depending on her hubby getting the job or not)
-my absolute re-addiction to Dr. Who. Watching the end of Season 2 at the moment (the one with David Tennant). So far so good, of course :)

And now my little one is yelling at me to help him get ready for bed lol Silly goose.

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Eep, I finally started Dr. Who. Completely addictive.

Did you start at Season 1? Or are you watching the newer versions? I'm finding it difficult to decide if I like the David Tennant or Matt Smith Dr. Who best lol but either way I can't get enough of this show. Totally hooked me on BBC America that channel has some fantastic shows!

I did start at 1 so I haven't gotten to those two yet. I loooove BBC. Red Dwarf is STILL my favorite show! The last one I got into was Being Human but it sucked last season so I gave up LOL

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