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no time
I've been so lame with my morning runs this week. I switched my normal Monday run to Tuesday and slept in  and ran late on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I slept in late again today and didn't even run. So now I have to make it up tomorrow before Izzy's speech at 9. Yes, 9 in the morning. I am going to have to wake up fast, run real quick, shower, put on whatever I can find, and then leave. Ugh. And I finally realize my training isn't the greatest, well I guess I sort of knew I'm not in the best preparation for a 1/2 marathon. It'll get me across the finish and all, just not in any top time or anything. Which is fine since I have another 1/2 later anyway. Ugh. Im getting off track and the babe is up now so I cant even finish my entry but I will get back on later cause I have AWESOME news hahaha


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